Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My very first Etsy Treasury!

My very first Etsy Treasury! I had so much fun making it and including some of my Sac-Etsy team members! Check it out;)

Earth & Sky Treasury

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Business Cards!!

50 Free Business Cards til' April 30th 2010!! Here is the link---> Moo.com You pay $6.00 S&H (U.S.) such a great deal if you are on a budget. Moo.com is a great place to order business cards if you are an Etsy seller because you can upload images directly from your Etsy site;) They have also have mini business cards which I think are UBER adoreable!! What's great is that you can use a photo on one side and put your digits/contact info. on the other.

Some other great ideas people used were putting a fortune on one side of the card. This is such a great conversation starter & so original! Thank you Jeannie, at Equinox Photography, what an awesome idea!

Photo courtesy of Moo.com/blog

Another great idea was by Etsy seller Yaelfran. She used the minicards as covers for her mini books;)

Photo courtesy of Moo.com/blog

Monday, April 5, 2010

A funny easter!

Yesterday me and my sweet hubby celebrated Easter with both sides of our family, stuffing ourselves silly of Easter delicacies and sweet treats ;) We really had a wonderful day filled with family, spiritual renewal, and just the happiness that Easter brings! I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!!

But.... I just thought I would share with you our funny Easter experience. We had spent the entire day with family and we were just plain pooped. When we got to our back door to open it....ready to just fall on the bed and peace out....I realized I had left my house key in my pants...which I never do... located in the house...behind a locked door...OHHH CRAPOLA !! Mind you, it was raining cats and dogs and colder than a ...well you get the picture:) We did have the shelter of the garage, but come on, it's Easter for crying out loud!!

So we called my dear ol' Mom and Pop who have extra keys. They live like 30 mins. away and jumped in their car to come and rescue us!! Yay! But the story gets better. When they arrive my Pops tries every key on his key ring twice! No match, So my mom checks her purse for her key....nope not there!! Both of them had assumed that the other had the key, LOL! So they headed back up to their house to find it while me and my hubby slow danced in the garage, went through old boxes with some high school art work contained inside, a quick run to KFC for some popcorn chicken, and Starbucks for some Hot cocoa;) When we got back My Pops had found the key and we were rescued! It was a funny Easter for us...but we had fun none the less. How was your Easter??

Now that it's gone I miss it already:( Here's one last final farewell to Easter--->

Good bye Easter eggs

Good bye sweet easter confections

Good bye easter decorations

Good bye Easter baskets

See you next year!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And the WINNER is . . . . . .


I will email you as well to let you know you won! Please email me back your mailing address so I can send these UBER cute earrings your way;)

Thanks to everyone who participated in my very first friday giveaway, it was fun to read all of your comments! Thanks for stopping by;) Ya'll come back again ya hear?

Future forecast predicts another friday giveaway very soon in your neck of the woods;)


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