Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Victim: from 80's paisley to anthropologie worthy

Ya'll remember this ugly get-up...right?? Well I did a bit of trimmin' and hemmin' to bring this skirt into the 21st century! I mean it wasn't all bad, I was initially drawn to the pattern because it reminded me of an anthroplogie skirt. All this skirt really needed was a few inches taken off, a little love, and wahlah!!  So much better right??
Shirt-NY&Co.~thrifted $2
Skirt-Norton Mcnaughton~thrifted $.99
Shoes-Bandolino~thrifted $.99
Belt-thrifted $1
Clutch-Vintage(from hubby's grandma)

I had fun putting this outfit together. I think because this outfit cost me $5 total...yea that's right total= FIVE DOLLA....HOLLA! Also because I rarely wear red lipstick and it kinda made me feel like I was a kid again playing in my grandmother's lipstick drawer. This is my first time wearing the button up collar trend , and I must say I'm falling in love with it!

 I'm on spring break right now so I am loving that I can spend more time on my blog (which has been neglected due to a 15 unit school semester, I know I'm cray cray)  sharing my thrifted finds and re-fashions.  I wanted to start sharing more of my re-fashions on here because that's pretty much how I roll these days.  I'm super poor but I love clothes and fashion, so I get my fix through scouring goodwill outlet bins and using my sewing machine to stay on trend without breaking our piggy bank.  Plus it's funner that way, dontcha think?


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