Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Loving Loft!

Loft is now offering 40% off of their already marked down sale items...sounds crazy good to me! These are a few things I picked up the other day while out shopping with me madre! I picked up a super cute Lace tee as well for under 30 buckaroos that is not listed online :( So go check them out chicas...they even have 25% off ALL FULL PRICE CARDIGANS! I'm SO excited to wear my new clothes...I haven't bought anything new in a while! Have a super Tuesday ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm back!!

I wanted to say thank you to all you lovely ladies for your kind words concerning the loss of my grandmother. I needed some time off from the blog for a short bit, a lot of crazy things started happening after my sweet grandmother passed in January. I started having some health problems and a dear friend of my lost her father in a tragic accident. In the whirlwind of all this I felt it was best to take some time for myself to regroup.

On a more positive note, I celebrated the dirty 30! Yes, I am officially an old geezer, and my back is killing me! All kidding aside, I had a wonderful surprise birthday party that my dear husband planned, behind my back, what a stinker ;) We even went roller skating which brought the kid out in me, now I am once again addicted, and wishing I would have hung on to my favorite pair of Riedells with the super fab pink wheels! More pics of the whole shin-dig to follow shortly......


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