Monday, April 30, 2012

Mustard flowers and thrifting

 My SIL is an amazing photographer and wanted to enter some photos in a fashion photography contest.  So...we went thrifting of course (4 year old niece helped too!) and this is what we came up with!  She took me to a little mustard flower field and I felt like I was in another world, we were still close to the city but far enough away to feel the sereneness of nature.  There were ladybugs, red-winged black birds, and a few beautiful mustard flowers still in bloom.

While hard to believe, this ENTIRE outfit was thrifted!  I just feel like i'm on cloud nine when I find a complete outfit in the thrift store :)  I've been meaning to get a floppy hat for awhile now and was about to pay full price for one until I happened upon this beauty for quite a steal!  If your new to thrifting, the best piece of advice I could offer is to never give up. From one day to the next you never know what amazing little gems you are going to find!  One day you may not find a darn thing, but the next day you may find a pair of Prada heels quietly hiding inside a dusty old suitcase??  That hasn't quite happened to me yet but I'm looking forward to that day ;)  Have a beautiful monday pretty ladies!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!

1. Jones New York Silk floral blouse $4.99
2. Vintage floral Weinstock blouse $3.99
3. No Tag? Lovely Flowy Floral top $4.99
4. Wilsons leather cross-body bag, priceless :(
5. Carlos by Carlos Santana Heels $4.99
6. Old Navy floral linen blouse $4.99

I've been doing a lot of thrifting lately...instead of going to class ;) Ok, well it only happened once, but I was already late so I thought I'd be polite and go to Goodwill instead of interrupting the lecture :) You know...I'm just considerate like that!   Now I think it's going to become a bad habit of mine because thrifting, on a weekday, in the morning, um that's like PRIME TIME to find the loot of the century!!

 Not good for my grades but super for my spring wardrobe!!  I found this GOLDMINE Goodwill near my University.  The Goodwill near my house is crap compared to this place!  My only qualms about Goodwill thrift stores vs. Deseret Industry thrift stores is this, when items don't have price tags they have to send it to the back to be priced (they tell you you have to wait 24 hrs. before it hits the floor again! boo hoo!).  That super Wilson's leather cross-body bag was sadly not available for purchase due to a missing price tag :(  Sometimes I wonder if the cashiers just want it and secretly stash it for themselves??  Anywho, I got some really great floral tops for a great deal and some practically brand new unique heels I am excited to style on the blog very soon!!  Happy Thrifty Thursday everyone! 

P.S. These pics were taken with the Instagram should follow me @fern_and_dandy

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Victim: from 80's paisley to anthropologie worthy

Ya'll remember this ugly get-up...right?? Well I did a bit of trimmin' and hemmin' to bring this skirt into the 21st century! I mean it wasn't all bad, I was initially drawn to the pattern because it reminded me of an anthroplogie skirt. All this skirt really needed was a few inches taken off, a little love, and wahlah!!  So much better right??
Shirt-NY&Co.~thrifted $2
Skirt-Norton Mcnaughton~thrifted $.99
Shoes-Bandolino~thrifted $.99
Belt-thrifted $1
Clutch-Vintage(from hubby's grandma)

I had fun putting this outfit together. I think because this outfit cost me $5 total...yea that's right total= FIVE DOLLA....HOLLA! Also because I rarely wear red lipstick and it kinda made me feel like I was a kid again playing in my grandmother's lipstick drawer. This is my first time wearing the button up collar trend , and I must say I'm falling in love with it!

 I'm on spring break right now so I am loving that I can spend more time on my blog (which has been neglected due to a 15 unit school semester, I know I'm cray cray)  sharing my thrifted finds and re-fashions.  I wanted to start sharing more of my re-fashions on here because that's pretty much how I roll these days.  I'm super poor but I love clothes and fashion, so I get my fix through scouring goodwill outlet bins and using my sewing machine to stay on trend without breaking our piggy bank.  Plus it's funner that way, dontcha think?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

casual kiss

forehead kiss

ansel hoffman kiss
   green eyes

My SIL took these photos of us as a birthday gift!  She is super duper talented!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An unsuccessful thrift mission......or was it??

Winter break and now a brand new semester at school has kept me busy these past few months. Even though I have been MIA around here for thrift challenge from the last post still stands (I promise!), but it seems as though I have become distracted by other beautiful things screaming "buy me, buy me!"at my favorite thrift stores! I thought I would share my loot from this past week with you if you promise not to call me a hoarder ;) These are a few of my favorite things....

Xhiliration faux fur vest-$4 (hiding in the boys section)

Vintage turquoise pleated skirt-$3

Handmade tote bag-$3 (red velvet on the back, yum!)

Brand new Talbots glitter belt-$1 (It is a 3x but I will make it work, just watch me;)

Italian Vintage pleated wool skirt-$4

Vintage Adrienne Vittadini silk scarf-$3

The tag is important my friends...100% silk!

Vintage boyfriend sweater-$4

I hope you have a wonderful tuesday, and happy thrifting my friends!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thrifty knock-off challenge

I am absolutely in love with this outfit I recently pinned on my Pinterest outfit inspiration board!! I have fallen hard and there is no turning back! Since I cannot stop dreaming about this lovely number from Jcrew, i have decided to challenge myself to re-create this outfit only with thrifted items....can it be done?? I think I have like 5 wrinkled dollars in my pocket...this is gonna be tough! If you want to join in the challenge, leave a comment below with a link to your blog. Let's see who done it better? goes nothing!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I swear I'm still alive!

BCBG Jacket-Thrifted , Gap Jeans-Thrifted, Shoes-Vintage, Shirt-Thrifted, Cami-Thrifted, Scarf-Etsy

I swear I'm still alive. Classes have been kicking my butt this semester,so I took a much needed mother-daughter trip to the Mendocino Coast to relax. Promise to be back soon with a new giveaway for the holidays!!


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