Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An unsuccessful thrift mission......or was it??

Winter break and now a brand new semester at school has kept me busy these past few months. Even though I have been MIA around here for awhile...my thrift challenge from the last post still stands (I promise!), but it seems as though I have become distracted by other beautiful things screaming "buy me, buy me!"at my favorite thrift stores! I thought I would share my loot from this past week with you if you promise not to call me a hoarder ;) These are a few of my favorite things....

Xhiliration faux fur vest-$4 (hiding in the boys section)

Vintage turquoise pleated skirt-$3

Handmade tote bag-$3 (red velvet on the back, yum!)

Brand new Talbots glitter belt-$1 (It is a 3x but I will make it work, just watch me;)

Italian Vintage pleated wool skirt-$4

Vintage Adrienne Vittadini silk scarf-$3

The tag is important my friends...100% silk!

Vintage boyfriend sweater-$4

I hope you have a wonderful tuesday, and happy thrifting my friends!

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