Saturday, July 23, 2011

People will stare......

Shirt-Aero (old), Maxi skirt-Thrifted Talbots (gift), Shoes-Vintage Cobbie cuddlers (gift), Belt-Thrifted ($1), Watch-grandmas, Floral bangle- .50 @ garage sale!, Glass bangle -Mil

Well not the good kind of staring. It's the kind where you work in an office with a lot of testosterone floating around (which can sometimes be a good thing, considering how much women will just refuse to get along when crammed in small spaces together) and you just get these blank are you seriously wearing that? That's what happened when I wore this get-up the other day.

Let's face it, most men over 40 just don't get fashion, and I seriously don't want to spend an hour explaining why pattern mixing is all the rage. So until I become a kindergarten teacher ;) my outfits will widely be misunderstood by a group of middle aged men who wear pen stained shirts and polyester trousers. Thank goodness for weekends! Have fun playing in the sun friends!

*P.S.- M got me a sewing machine for our anniversary (He couldn't wait to give it to me....*squeal*...I love early gifts!) So get ready for some serious re-fashion posts! Here's a sneak peek at my first fashion victim before shot:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Warby Parker


So I need some help here ladies..puuleez! I am in the market for a new pair of spectacles ;) I am participating in the Warby Parker Home try-on program. I have 5 pair of glasses, and I'm trying to narrow down which ONE I like the best..hmmm?? Whatdaya think? This is hard cuz they each have their own special character about them! If you are interested in participating go here and get yours to try on at home for free!! If any of you decide to participate leave a comment where I can find your blog... I'd love to see your pics as well :)

I though I'd leave you with one of my most loved songs from The's so soothing and sometimes helps me get through the day. Have a Spectacular Monday...I couldn't help myself...haha!


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