Monday, August 16, 2010

Messy buns and belts

I know what your thinking...get your mind out of the gutter young ladies;) I never thought I would use messy buns in a title post...well...never say never! Messy bun updos and belts have been my go to look for a couple weeks now. I love how a belt can change up a lackluster outfit and define your waistline in mere love it! Also, I have been feeling a bit uninspired with my hair so I found this easy messy bun updo video by the lovely Tania. Thank you for the inspiration Tania! California gurls Rock!!

I'm sure you have been wondering where I have My mom has been real sick lately due to the Chemo treatments she is going through, hence the lack of posts lately! I have been trying to help out where I can, she is my rock and has always been there for me, it's the least I can do!

Cami:Nordstorms Cardi:Nordstrom Rack Skinnies:Old Navy Shoes:NineWest Belt:Thrifted Pearl Earrings: Gift from Japan (made by my hubbies family friend who is a jewler;)

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  1. Beautiful hair and style! I will defiantly be snatchy cating that look! :)



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