Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharing lunch with 3rd graders?

Sweater: BCBG, Cardi: ON, Skirt: Target, Socks: Hubby, Belt: Khols, Boots: FF, Lipstick: Revlon really red

I'm lovin' my new red lipstick! Just got it today on sale at Walmart
for dirt cheap! It kinda makes me look pale and famished. I was
even offered a partial lunch from my cute third graders! I told them
my stomach was growling because their chicken sandwiches looked so
tasty (I skipped breakfast). A few of them immmediately told me they
would share their lunches with me....what sweethearts;) Of course I
politely declined the offer. Made my day! I can't wait to be a real teacher
when I grow up;) All this red is getting me excited for Christmas! 24 more
days and counting, literally, with our little Advent calendar;)
Happy first day of December!


  1. At first glance I thought these were pictures of Quinn from Glee. Oops. Loving the red lipstick - I can never find the right shade for me. Everything just looks odd. - Katy

  2. Your too kind;) It takes a while to find the perfect shade of red...there are so many to choose from!

  3. As a teacher, I am so excited to see someone with such enthusiasm entering the profession!!
    Also, you will be one fashionable teacher. And you know what? That goes a long way in the classroom!
    The Auspicious Life

  4. Aww! How cute you are! I'm loving the red lipstick trend, too! It looks fabulous on you!!

    Love your boots!



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