Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pin real life: Glass bottle soap dispenser

I have been inspired by something I've seen on pinterest

Totally cute...and such a great way to save money and be thrifty, right up my alley!

So, Here is my version of this inspirational pin

Mine is a little different, in that it is made of a martinelli's apple juice bottle, but I like it a smidge better because I made it..if ya know what I mean..*wink* *wink*! I will post the tutorial on how to make this version when I come back from my anniversary trip!!

Here's a little Pre-Anniversary picture from our Dinner at Ruth's Chris (oh and I have bangs now..yay!). We had a gift card from M's mom, so we jumped at the opportunity to celebrate a little early! And I veered off my Endo-diet a teensy weensy bit...muhaha...and now i'm paying for it...ouch! Look at this food though!

Garlic crusted halibut with sauteed mushrooms and roasted green beans

Strawberry shortcake and chocolate truffles...How can one resist?

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  1. I love the soap dispenser idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)




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