Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An unsuccessful thrift mission......or was it??

Winter break and now a brand new semester at school has kept me busy these past few months. Even though I have been MIA around here for awhile...my thrift challenge from the last post still stands (I promise!), but it seems as though I have become distracted by other beautiful things screaming "buy me, buy me!"at my favorite thrift stores! I thought I would share my loot from this past week with you if you promise not to call me a hoarder ;) These are a few of my favorite things....

Xhiliration faux fur vest-$4 (hiding in the boys section)

Vintage turquoise pleated skirt-$3

Handmade tote bag-$3 (red velvet on the back, yum!)

Brand new Talbots glitter belt-$1 (It is a 3x but I will make it work, just watch me;)

Italian Vintage pleated wool skirt-$4

Vintage Adrienne Vittadini silk scarf-$3

The tag is important my friends...100% silk!

Vintage boyfriend sweater-$4

I hope you have a wonderful tuesday, and happy thrifting my friends!

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  1. Yay I am drooling with your stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    The Red

  2. Yes, good finds for sure. Love that belt...especially if it's big enough to wrap around!

  3. great eye for spotting the 3x belt! you'll be able to do a double or triple wrap with it... such a cute look. i tried on a double wrap at old navy yesterday and they wanted eight dollars for it... i the clearance section! you got a wicked deal.


  4. Oh my!! Welcome to Thrifters Anonymous lady! I can't wait to see you style some of these finds!!! I love that pleated skirt and the scarf is so cute...Love that you found stuff in the boys section...amazing how some of my best finds have been in the most reidiculous places! I once found a pair of nine west heels in a suit case! haha Can't wait to see more finds!

    ColorBlind Thrifters Anonymous Link Up!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Ladies, and for all your sweet comments! I def. had a fun time shopping on my last thrifting spree ;)

  6. Amazing finds - right up my alley! xox Nicole

    1. Thank you Nicole;) You always seem to find the most amazing things...would love to tag along on your thrifting adventures! If only we lived closer :(

  7. Wow where do you thrift? I love love love that scarf. What a find!


    1. Hey Anh!

      Thank you, that scarf was one of those finds where you look behind you back in fear that someone put it down for a second and is coming back to claim it..haha!

      I thrift mainly at Goodwill (goodwill outlet too... love that place!), Deseret Industries, and Eco Thrift. I think it's time to widen my horizons though..i'm starting to get bored;)

    2. You've inspired me - I really should thrift more often and stay away from major retail stores (my wallet can't handle it!). The few times I've gone I've had good luck at Salvation Army...that's about all I know.



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