Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!

1. Jones New York Silk floral blouse $4.99
2. Vintage floral Weinstock blouse $3.99
3. No Tag? Lovely Flowy Floral top $4.99
4. Wilsons leather cross-body bag, priceless :(
5. Carlos by Carlos Santana Heels $4.99
6. Old Navy floral linen blouse $4.99

I've been doing a lot of thrifting lately...instead of going to class ;) Ok, well it only happened once, but I was already late so I thought I'd be polite and go to Goodwill instead of interrupting the lecture :) You know...I'm just considerate like that!   Now I think it's going to become a bad habit of mine because thrifting, on a weekday, in the morning, um that's like PRIME TIME to find the loot of the century!!

 Not good for my grades but super for my spring wardrobe!!  I found this GOLDMINE Goodwill near my University.  The Goodwill near my house is crap compared to this place!  My only qualms about Goodwill thrift stores vs. Deseret Industry thrift stores is this, when items don't have price tags they have to send it to the back to be priced (they tell you you have to wait 24 hrs. before it hits the floor again! boo hoo!).  That super Wilson's leather cross-body bag was sadly not available for purchase due to a missing price tag :(  Sometimes I wonder if the cashiers just want it and secretly stash it for themselves??  Anywho, I got some really great floral tops for a great deal and some practically brand new unique heels I am excited to style on the blog very soon!!  Happy Thrifty Thursday everyone! 

P.S. These pics were taken with the Instagram should follow me @fern_and_dandy

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. You did get some great deals, my favorite is number 2, I love the blue shirt. I find for myself that thrifting is addicting because I find great instyle bargains and I love getting items that are unique.

  2. I've done that plenty of times--late for class but don't want to interrupt. I agree visiting Goodwill was a good choice for your wardrobe, those floral tops are awesome!



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