Sunday, June 27, 2010

Safari Sunday!

Shirt-Target, Dress-Ambiance apparel, Sandals-NineWest, Bracelets-Purchased in Hawaii, Necklace-gift from my mom:)

I went to visit my mom today at the hospital. She is looking great! Lots of color in her cheeks...hopefully she will be out by Tuesday. Thank you for all of your prayers! I wanted to wear this fun dress to brighten the mood, (hospitals can be kind of a downer ya know) it reminded me of a safari...hence the post title;) Have a great Sunday...I better get off the computer and study for my midterm tomorrow, ahh!!


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I love your outfit. What are you in school for?

  2. Thank you Schy;) I once heard someone say "I like how you Jesutized your dress" ;) I am a liberal arts major working towards a teaching credential.



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