Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 years deserves a trip to the Bay!

Last year we spent our 2 year wedding anniversary in the hospital:( Not my idea of a celebration! So Me and the Hubs decided this year we would make up for that by celebrating our 3 year anniversary somewhere cool! We decided to take a quick trip to San Fransisco city and Stinson Beach. If you have never been to Stinson beach, I highly recommend it!!! A beautiful beach town just over the Golden gate bridge. It is such a peaceful place to unwind and relax! I was also introduced to the delicious Mr. could I have been missing out on this yummy treat for all these years? Oh dear, I'm addicted!


  1. Ok, so YOU should be the one with a photography shop on etsy, missy. These are gorgeous. I hope you have/will frame them!

  2. Thanks Candi!! I haven't framed them yet;) Miss you girl!

  3. Thanks CelyFrenchie & Elaine! I love San Fransisco!! Such a a beautiful place to visit and photograph;) Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

  4. I miss you too! Francesca will be a year on Christmas Day, she misses you too!



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