Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Sneak Peek for September

Where has the time gone?? It is already the 5th of September and my last post was in August! Oh that's right school has gone and done it again! School, school, school you take up too much of my precious time! I have more important things to be spending my time on (he he he)! I will be doing another giveaway real soon and posting pictures of me and the hubby's anniversary trip to S.F. and Stinson Beach. I was so busy in August I never got around to posting them and that makes me :( So I will do a post on them along with the much needed back to school giveaway!! YAY!

I have been wanting to add some vintage goodies to my shop lately....sooner or later I will get to it...but until then... here is a preview of some of my recent vintage threads I am just smitten with! I hope you will be smitten as well;) They will be in the shop very shortly...I promise;)

Vintage Pencil Skirt

Pretty Paisley Dress

Swingin' 50's Dress


  1. Hi Kendra!

    First of all - thank you for your lovely comment! I really appreciate it:)))

    You have here such a nice outfits, wish I could have so many unique clothes too..:)

    I read one of your articles, where you were talking about your mother, that she has cancer and so... I just want to say, that everything will be just fine! My mother had also cancer and now she is healthy and happy again!:) And I am sure, your mum will win this fight as well!:) Really I will pray for her.:)

    If you like, we could be friends here on blogger?;)

    Hope you are having a fun day.

  2. All of these are so cute! I love your style. Would you like to participate in the fashion show at my blog, Mod Style Lounge, next month? =]

  3. Kendra,

    This site has really blossomed. You have found your niche. I just browsed through all your photos and just love seeing your creativity. You really are gifted. Thinking about you guys!


  4. Thank you Eve! I appreciate your kind and uplifting words about my mom and her fight with cancer;) I am following your super cute blog... so excited to have a new friend on blogger<3

  5. Thanks Sarah! I love your modest blog! I think i just might participate..thanks for the invite;)



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