Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New shoes

I finally got my new shoes in the mail today they are
sooooo comfortable, like walking on marshmellows!
New shoes make me smile:) Especailly when
they're free! Hubby said they would just end
up in my mound O' shoes pile. So what if they
do, I love my shoe pile!!
I feel so behind on my 30 for 30 outfits!! I'm only on #3 and
still 27 more to go! I haven't been taking pics because by the
time I get home from school and work the beautiful sunlight
has vanished:( My hubby suggested I set up a studio in the
spare room. For the time being this will have to do!


  1. LOVE the skirt! very cute outfit!!

  2. I want to try this trick--a scarf as a belt in one of my outfits this upcoming week. Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck with the remaining challenge.

  3. Love that skirt. You little studio is a great photo place.

    The Auspicious Life



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