Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes you gotta give em' the look

My early morning was spent in a third grade classroom (enter the smell of
stale breath and peanut butter). As part of my never ending pursuit for a college
degree I am entertained by 22 little munchkins who think they're 16.
To my surprise they had a substitute for the very first time,"Heaven help the
old lady!", I thought to myself as I stepped through the door. But boy was I in
for a sassy treat! This lady knew how to put the smack down on these kids. Left
and right she spit out orders like a general at boot camp. At first I was a bit
taken a back....I'm mostly a gentle hearted young woman and thought it to
be a bit harsh. Then a light went off, and I realized she might be on to something!!

So I decided to try out a wee experiment. The lovely rascal who ALWAYS gives me
a hard time in the class was my subject. The substitute barked at him..."sit down young
man!" To which he ignored. I walked up to him...cleared my throat and barked "sit down!"
To which he replied snottily (I think I just made up a new word) "WHY??" And then I
gave him the know the one that let's booger eaters know who's boss! He
sat down faster than green grass through a goose! Right then and there I
learned... sometimes you just gotta give em' the look ;) I think I might be gettin'
the hang of this teacher thing?


  1. I wonder if the "look" works on 1year olds!?!
    I love how you paired girly and tough together!

  2. LOL. Little kids can so bold sometimes. Anyways, love your look and good luck with the 30 for 30! =)

  3. Brave gal wearing that pretty white dress to class!

  4. Loving everything about this outfit. Great dress, love the sweater and oh those boots *swooon* :)

  5. The look is my saving grace in the classroom sometimes! Good luck with those little rascals.
    The Auspicious Life



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