Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is sweet!

So....I sold 2 of my 3 pair of earrings I had posted in my Etsy shop! Now my store looks pretty empty=( But I am not sad that I sold, not 1 item but, 2 items on my first day!! Thanks to Cathy, my first ever Etsy customer! I hope you enjoy your earrings!
I will be posting more items in my shop tomorrow. Things have just been so hectic lately and the lighting has been bad for pictures (go away overcast weather!!).

I just finished my first big order for a wonderful lady I met in Sierra City back at the Octoberfest, where I did my first jewelry display! She liked my jewelry and ordered a variation on one of my lariat necklaces. She wanted something special for her daughters's 21st birthday which is in January. She wanted the January birthstone (Garnet) on a white gold chain. The lariat necklace was an adjustable one so it could be changed to fit varied necklines. I presented it to her yesterday and she loved was hard to part with because I loved it so much I wanted to keep it! Here are some photos I took for some of you who wanted to see how it turned out->>>

She also owns a shop in Historic Downieville called the Soiled Doves Parlour, and asked me to make some more of the same necklaces in a sterling silver,along with my other designs to put in her shop! I am excited! Take a look a her website at---->


  1. Love your jewelry, so Unique!
    I am going to check out your etsy shop right now.

  2. Thanks cuz;) Love your Etsy shop! I need to order something..your designs are cute and my walls are bare:(



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