Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rain Rain go away!

So it's raining here in sunny California....all day! I am trying to take pictures using a light box I made, but the pics just aren't turning out the way I would like them to! I made some gorgeous Garnet dangle earrings last night and the pictures are just not doing them the justice they deserve :( Hopefully we'll get more sunshine soon, but I'm betting on no based on the weather report! These earring are dedicated to January Birthdays and Valentine's day...which is just around the corner!
Check out my new earrings at----------------->>>>>>>>

Since the weather is bad and I'll be staying indoors for awhile I'll be making this for Matt and I to snack on----->>>>>

Cinnabun Caramel Corn

I made tons of this for christmas gifts this year and let me tell was a HIT! It tastes just like a cinnabun from the mall...oh so yummy! To find the recipe go to my favorite food blog I just discovered, they have step by step directions and pictures to show you if your doing it right------->>>>>>>Cinnabun Carmael Corn Recipe


  1. These are gorgeous. Remind me, I can show you a couple ways to let more light in the camera to take nice pictures indoors. You still have your SLR camera right?

  2. It is an SLR camera. That would be great, thanks!



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